New Look! Who this? — Knowing When To Rebrand.

Telltale signs that your brand needs a facelift

3 min readOct 19, 2020


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Before we begin, let’s paint two pictures for you to compare.

Anna has a wellness studio that is youth-centric. She started this studio in 2010 and has experienced growth over the years. It is 2020; she has no online presence, traditional check-in processes, the studio has the same old decor, the chairs are hole-ridden, and they give the same array of services that they promised you at the beginning.

On the other side of the road, a new wellness centre just sprung up, high tech operations, fresh faces, social media presence, aesthetic ambience, and values that reflect the needs of the public.

There is no mistaking which of these studios will experience a buzz. Despite people’s loyalty to brands, there is a need to revamp to move with the times.

More often than not, we relate branding to businesses alone; however, we’ll like you to know that this is not exclusive to companies alone but also necessary for your brand. Here are a few signs that you need to perform a facelift.

When you look like every other person

How would you feel if you went to an event you saw 10 people wearing the same outfit as you? Weird right? This feeling also applies when your brand looks like other brands that offer the same services as you, then it is time to effect a change. For instance, we would ordinarily describe Pepsi and Coca-Cola as the same drink. However, on a closer look, certain things differentiate these brands from each other, specifically, in the products and services they offer. Thus, when you begin to see too many similarities between you and your competitors, it is time to change your look.

When you’ve grown up

Growth is inevitable, and usually, we find that as we advance, we outgrow some things; your favourite shoe ten years ago will definitely not fit. Thus, it is only normal to outgrow your vision or brand; The famous brand Ruff n’ Tumble started as a clothing brand for children; today, it serves people of all ages. When your business grows and still has the initial note, it started with, your brand voice, mission, and vision could get limiting when compared with your services. Therefore, when you notice a shift in operations that involves expansion in some areas, it is time to revamp.

When you are out of style

Occasionally, we see an outfit that we wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing just because it is out of style. The Pepsi logo of 20 years ago is not the same as what we see today. Truth is that the times are changing, and there are modern ways of doing things; therefore, if you keep doing the same thing you did five years ago, you will only stifle your growth and get left behind. So, check your business practices if it aligns with the current trend and what appeals to your customers; If it doesn’t, then it is time to get a facelift.

When there is a merger

No two businesses are the same; they all have their individual values, beliefs, and practices; therefore, when a merger occurs, there has to be a rebranding in a bid to align both companies. The union of Access Bank and Diamond bank led to a rebranding seeing as ideas were interchanged; core values and beliefs aligned to make Access Bank a strong contender in the Banking industry. In like manner, it is only normal to rebrand when you join forces with another brand.

Ordinarily, brands encompass your business message and allow your customers to be aware of your values; therefore, it is only right to rebrand when necessary and not so far from your initial core values.

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