The Best Marketers Are Great Actors

Lights, Camera, Action! Sell.

Get in character

When actors are on set or stage, you will agree that they let go of their original selves. For instance, Johnny Depp, the well-known actor, has worn so many hats in the movie industry; we see him as Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka (Charlie and the chocolate factory), The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland) and so many more. Impressively, he plays these contrasting roles with little difficulty because he is a master in getting in character. Marketers, just like actors, deviate from their usual character (if they aren’t ordinarily outspoken) in a bid to pass their messages across. When next you see a friend who is acting contradictorily to their true temperament, don’t be alarmed; it is a way to close sales.

Study the script

Every actor’s biggest nightmare is forgetting their lines while on stage; If they are on set, they could easily do another take. This is why they spend time studying the script and memorizing their lines. Marketing goes beyond choosing a character that matches their products and services to knowing how to communicate with prospective and existing customers. Would you buy from someone who stutters or doesn’t sound confident while telling you about their product? I bet your answer is No. Thus, In a bid to avoid flopping, marketers take time to study the market, memorize effective methods of selling, and the various ways of convincing people to buy from them.

Don’t break character

Very few people will buy from a marketer who strays while pitching or advertising their product. If an online vendor is known for selling a particular product, say, clothes, and suddenly, you see the vendor selling food on the same page, your first instinct will be to question the vendor. Although this is not to discredit individuals who are multifaceted in their business; however, it is essential to not deviate from character. On set, actors try as much as possible to stay in character despite what goes wrong. Yes, we see a few bloopers here and there; but even if an object falls while acting, they tend to keep going to keep the reels rolling. Great marketers are those who know the secret of continuity; they are masters at transitioning or introducing new products or services without causing a drop in sales.

Look the part

On the set of the TV series Suits, we did not see Lawyers dressed as gladiators; if we did, we would have assumed it was meant for comic relief, or it was a necessity in winning the case. Actors, in their various roles, have costumes that match their personalities perfectly. So it is out of place to see a sports brand rep always dressed in corporate wears. No, we don’t mean they should sleep in this attire (if they can help it), but good marketers try as much as possible to look the role they represent. Little wonder, various companies have attires that are branded or dress codes that fit the parts. So don’t be shocked to see an avid casual dresser rocking a suit when going to a meeting to close sales.



Disrupt DNA is a creative agency in Lagos Nigeria. We help brands find and tell the best stories. (

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Disrupt DNA is a creative agency in Lagos Nigeria. We help brands find and tell the best stories. (