The New Guy Could Be the Bad Guy

How to Successfully Onboard New Employees without Disrupting Workflow


It starts with the interview, this is the very beginning of deciding whether a candidate is fit for a role or not. Making a mistake in this phase is almost forgivable as many companies do still have a second phase in their interview process.


Not to sound negative, but here’s a second chance. Most companies after hiring, still give new employees a ‘trial’ period during which the employee is observed and after which they can become fully employed if they passed the conditions.

1. Casual dressing

There was this one time, there were speculations that a strike will hold but it largely depended on a meeting that the government will hold the next day. So we were still to go to work albeit yet unsure as to how the day would go. Much to our surprise, our management announced that we could go ahead to dress casually to work that day and it was a surprise because if you worked in a bank, you pretty much can tell what the dress culture is like over there. So this was Christmas to me! I wore my suspenders on a white T-shirt, packed my hair in two high buns, and by the time I finished the whole look with my pink round glasses and sandals, I was looking a happy school girl; which was exactly what I wanted and how I felt throughout that day.

2. Encourage feedback

Feedback reshapes what you do next. It fosters an attitude of openness, mutual respect and it allows you to gain insight as to what to improve upon. Having a one on one interface with your members of staff helps you relate with them beyond work-related issues.

3. Less Hierarchy

Having worked in a typical hierarchical setting myself, I have experienced firsthand the drawbacks that come with working with a throng of supervisors and superiors. The fact that we who dealt directly with the customers’ problems had the least power to solve them was agonizing, to say the least. This made our work slow and sometimes frustrating especially when the superior or boss is difficult and/or lacks good communication and decision-making skills.



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Disrupt DNA is a creative agency in Lagos Nigeria. We help brands find and tell the best stories. (